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Saturday, December 29, 2007

London Derbies

"The term London Derbies refers to the various football local derbies between the teams in London. It specifically refers to individual matches between the teams, but can also be used to describe the general ongoing rivalry between the clubs and fans."

Maksudnye. Club2 bola yg duk dkt lam london. Huhuhu.....
EPL nye kelab je aku letak. Nak buh sumer kelab byk lak pulak.

North London Derby

Arsenal FC

Highbury Stadium (1913 - 2006)
Stadium Arsenal lama yg dah tk wujud kt London.

The Emirates Stadium (2006 - Present)
Stadium baru Arsenal lam pembinaan.

Tottenham Hotspur FC

White Hart Lane (1905 - Present)
Stadium utk Tottenham Hotspur

West London Derby

Chelsea FC

Stamford Brigde (1877 - Present)
Stadium utk Chelsea
Fulham FC

Crevan Cottage(1894 - Present)
Stadium utk Fulham

East London Derby

West Ham United FC

Upton Park ( Boleyn Ground) (1904 - Present)
Stadium utk West Ham United

South London Derby

(takde kelab EPL)

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